Small Business Health & Safety FAQs -- Part 2

Earlier this week we answered a few frequently asked questions that new business owners might ask themselves. Today we will be going into more depth with resources that are available to all employers that will help accomplish health and safety goals.

The Occupation Health & Safety Administration has put forth guidelines and regulations with which all companies must follow or face serious fines. 

Q: Can I get help from OSHA?

A: OSHA provides many resources and help. Often times you just need to reach out and ask. If you have a detailed question you can contact us here and we will be more than will to assist you. Below you can see a few of the resources OSHA provides.

  • Training and Education -- OSHA provides training and education throughout the country at their facilities. 
  • Mentoring -- Work together with OSHA and they will inspect your facility and help you know what to do.
  • OSHA Website -- If you have a question about a piece of equipment or if you want to know how to safely handle a hazardous material, you'll likely find the regulations on the OSHA website. Use the search bar on the website for quick results.

It can be confusing and overwhelming when developing a safety plan. There are many resources available to everyone. It is important to have a "well oiled" safety plan for your workplace. Everyone deserves to work in a safe place free from worry.

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