Small Business Health & Safety FAQs -- Part 1

If you started a new business and have hired a few employees the following questions have probably crossed your mind.

Q: Is Health & Safety important for a business owner like me?

A: A good business is a safe business. Well implemented health and safety programs can save a company up to 500% on the money they invest towards their program. As an employer it is your duty to protect your employees from dangerous situations in the workplace. OSHA has designed their regulations to protect the employee and also the employer.

Q: How do I make my workplace a safe environment for my employees?

A: The best way to have a safe workplace is to be compliant to OSHA regulations. Massive amounts of time and resources have been spent to provide the best tools and practices for workers everywhere. Though every worksite is different, many of the rules set forth by OSHA can be applied in an effective way.

Q: How do I start making a Health & Safety plan?

A: Here at we strive to provide employers with easy to use manuals that are customizable. Available and ready to use immediately after purchase.

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