Using OSHA's Heat Index to Determine Risk

The Occupational Health & Safety Administration's new safety campaign "Water. Rest. Shade." is a helpful reminder of the dangers of the hot summer sun. Because of the many hazards that ail workers every year, OSHA has provided employers with valuable resources to protect their employees.

Earlier this summer we posted an article on what employers can do to fight against heat exposure. OSHA provides a heat index and instructions on what to during certain temperature levels. Heat illness can be prevented with simple measures as long as a plan is set in place and enforced properly. An employee on his first day of the job is 80% more likely to succumb to a heat related injury. It is important to instruct everyone on the dangers and to use the appropriate protective measures when needed.

You can find a detailed PDF on how to use the heat index to protect employees on OSHA's website.

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