Water, Rest & Shade

During the hot summer months, it is important to remember that heat illness is a very serious issue.

OSHA has reported that in 2014 alone, 2,630 workers suffered from heat illness and 18 died from heat stroke and related causes on while on the job. Heat illnesses and deaths are preventable.

Employers must provide and do the following for workers to fight against heat exposure:

  • Water, rest & shade
  • Allow new or returning employees to gradually ease into difficult labor
  • Train & educate employees for emergencies and prevention
  • Continually monitor workers throughout the day

Employees should remember to:

  • Drink water every 15 minutes
  • Take regular breaks in the shade
  • Wear a hat or visor and light colored clothing
  • Keep an eye on co-workers

If someone does become ill from the heat do the following:

  • Call 911 or emergency services immediately
  • Someone should stay with the ill person until help arrives

More information can be found by clicking HERE.

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