What to Expect During an OSHA Inspection

We recently released an article providing 4 Simple Steps to Manage an OSHA Inspection. Today we would like to provide an closer look at what to expect when OSHA comes to inspect your workplace.

An inspection from the Occupation Health & Safety Administration can vary greatly depending on several factors, but we will focus on what they will consistently look for a do.

  1. THE OPENING CONFERENCE/MEETING -- Initially upon arrival, the OSHA team will meet with safety officers and necessary employees to make introductions and brief them on the upcoming inspection. It is during this time that expectations will be discussed and a plan will be presented.
  2. THE ONSITE INSPECTION -- This is where the bulk of the time will be spent when OSHA comes to visit.
    • They will first review documentation and manuals to be sure that all potential hazards are properly addressed and up to date. They may ask for additional documentation or to meet with other members of your workforce. 
    • After the review the will tour the worksite. Looking to see if the records and documentation are in line with what they find. They will observe working conditions and will be searching for any industry violations.
    • Informal interviews will be given to randomly chosen employees to insure work procedures, emergency procedures, and PPE are all up to code.
    • Formal interviews will be given to provide more detail and insight to your company's practices. 
After the onsite inspection, they will take their collected data, review it, and respond in a few days with recommendations or citations and fines. OSHA has provided a free What to Expect During OSHA's Visit manual which provides more detail and insight to what has been written in this article.
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