What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

PPE, otherwise known as personal protective equipment is anything that relates to equipment that is worn to prevent injury or exposure to workplace dangers and hazards. Personal protective equipment can include items such as helmets, gloves, safety glasses/goggles, respirators, ear muffs, body suits, etc. 

If PPE is required for your employees, a personal protective equipment program should be put in place and should contain the following guidelines:

  • When it should be used.
  • What kind of equipment should be used.
  • How to properly wear it, adjust it, and remove it.
  • The safety limitations of each piece of equipment.
  • Proper maintenance of all equipment.
The Occupational Health & Safety Administration has specific standards for PPE and should be reviewed thoroughly and carefully. Personal protective equipment saves lives and preserves the safety of workers in dangerous conditions.


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