The Right to a Safe Workplace

It is federal law that all employees are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. It is also the right of workers to be able to speak out against bad or unsafe practices without the fear of getting disciplined. A few of your rights as an employee of a company are as follows:

  • Being trained in a language that you can understand
  • Using machines that are properly maintained and are safe
  • Access to personal protective equipment and safety gear
  • Protection to harmful or toxic chemicals
  • Reports of an injury or illness within your workplace, including your own reports
  • Requesting and OSHA inspection
  • Access to reports involving reported injuries or illnesses, or workplace hazards

If you are in a situation that you believe to be hazardous or unsafe, you can report it by following the instructions HERE.

If you believe that you are being retaliated against because you reported OSHA violations, you can find instructions on how to file a complaint HERE.

All businesses are required to follow federal OSHA regulations and should have a Health & Safety Manual. There are thousands of workplace accidents every year, many of which can be avoided by having the proper documents and training.


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