Snow Blowers Safety Tips

Snowblowers cause several accidents and injuries every year in the United States. Common injuries are lacerations and amputations when an operator attempts to remove snow or blockage from the machine. Another danger is using the machine when it hasn't been properly grounded which results in electric shock to the user. 

Here are a few tips on how to use snowblowers and other powered equipment:

  • Always ground the equipment before operating or maintaining.
  • When cleaning or performing maintenance, remove the machine from any power source and that all safeguards are set.
  • If attempting to clear a jam, turn off the machine and wait until all moving parts have stopped. Do not use any limbs to clear the blockage. Use a long stick to clear the jam to prevent injury.
  • Never refuel the machine while it is turned on. Refuel before each use while the engine is cool.
  • Operate the machine in a controlled fashion. Do not move quickly which could result in a fall.

Removing snow is always an important task in the workplace but it is always important to remind employees to do it in a safe manner. Stay safe and stay warm!

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