Sanitation & Water FAQs

Q: Can employers refuse workers water in any circumstance?

A: Workers have the right to drink water and cannot be required to pay for water provided by the employer. However, employees are not allowed to drink water in restroom facilities or in any areas with hazardous materials.

Q: What is OSHA's sanitation standard?

A: "Potable water shall be provided in all places of employment, for drinking, washing of the person, cooking, washing of foods, washing of cooking or eating utensils, washing of food preparation or processing premises, and personal service rooms."

Q: Are employers required to provide restroom facilities? 

A: Employers are required to provide restroom facilities and cannot impose and unreasonable restrictions on their use. View our article on Restrooms in the Workplace for more information.

Q: What responsibility do employers have for addressing vermin (mice, rats, bugs, fleas, etc) in the workplace?

A: Employers are required to adequately build and maintain a workplace the will be free of vermin. If vermin are found in the office employers are required to implement an effective removal program.


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