Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training FAQs

Q: What is a powered industrial truck?

A: Any power propelled truck that is used to push, pull, carry, lift, or stack materials is considered a powered industrial truck. They can be ridden or controlled by a standing operator. Equipment used to move earth or haul equipment over long distances are not considered a powered industrial truck.

Q: What regulations are there for powered industrial trucks?

A: The regulations standards requires all employers using powered industrial trucks to implement and enforce a training program for their equipment. Trained operators should follow all regulations in a safe manner. Formal and practical training should be given by the employer (videos, forms, actual use of the equipment in training situations). 

Q: Does the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) provide any training materials?

A: Yes. Training topics can be found on the OSHA training materials page.

Q: Who should provide the training?

A: Training should be provided by people who are competent and familiar with the equipment that is being used. If a competent person cannot be found, there are several online sources for training.

If you have more questions about powered industrial truck operating, please contact your local OSHA office. 

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