Noise & Hearing Loss Prevention

Damage to the ears from loud noises is a common problem in many workplaces, especially in construction. Failures to provide adequate hearing conservation programs can usually be traced back to improper training and guidelines.

Here are some helpful tips to reduce damage done by noise exposure:

  • Training at least once a year or when a new employee is hired
  • Training should be provided by a properly trained instructor
  • After an incident dealing with hearing loss, the current safety plan should be reviewed and revised
  • Managers and supervisors should be actively involved in making sure their employees are following procedures that have been put in place
  • Rules and regulations should be displayed on posters around the workplace
  • Proper equipment should be provided at no cost for the employees.
Having a proper safety program established will protect employees and save the company money by avoiding fines and lawsuits. Hearing loss is easily prevented with the proper plan and and execution.
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