New Workplace Injury & Illness Reporting Rule Delayed 1 Month

Earlier this year in May, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration announced new guidelines for reporting workplace injuries and illnesses. Originally the rule was to take effect in August but was pushed back until November 10th to allow employers time to adjust. Although there has been push back about this new rule, OSHA hopes that this new regulation will increase the overall  of the workforce in the United States.

OSHA has now announced that the new regulations will not be enforced until December 1st, allowing more additional time reach out to the community and educate employers and businesses on the new rule.

OSHA said in their press release "Under the rule, employers are required to inform workers of their right to report work-related injuries and illnesses without fear of retaliation; implement procedures for reporting injuries and illnesses that are reasonable and do not deter workers from reporting; and incorporate the existing statutory prohibition on retaliating against workers for reporting injuries and illnesses."

More information can be found on the official OSHA website.


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