Ladders in Construction FAQs

Q: Do I need to train my employees on using ladders?

A: Yes. Any construction workers who are going to use a ladder must have training that is compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's regulations. Training should be provided by someone who is competent in the following areas:

  •  The nature of fall hazards on worksites.
  • Correct procedures for erecting, maintaining and, disassembling ladders.
  • Proper usage and placement in different areas such as hallways, stairs, or tight spaces.
  • Maximum loads for different types of ladders.
  • Standards for proper usage.

Q: Do ladders need to be inspected?

A: Yes. Ladders should be inspected by competent persons for any visible defects. For ladder regulations on different styles or types of ladders please visit the OSHA website.

Q: Are ladders required to have the manufacturer labels?

A: No. There are no regulations regarding the manufacturers labels. However there should be documentation providing weight limits and proper usage for any ladders without labels.

Q: Does OSHA have ladders that are approved to comply for their regulations?

A: No. OSHA does not approve products such as ladders. OSHA only provides the regulations and criteria that should be met when purchasing and using ladders.

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