Know Your Rights as an Employee

Regardless of the industry you work in or the job that you have every employee has rights. If you believe that you are being denied these rights you can file a complaint through the Occupational Safety & Health Administration without fear of retaliation. 

Every employee's rights:

  • Training in your native language
  • Working on equipment and machines that are safe and well maintained
  • Protection from hazardous or toxic chemicals
  • Provided with proper personal protective equipment
  • The right to request an OSHA inspection and the ability to speak with an OSHA inspector
  • Reporting injuries or illnesses and full access to your records
  • Access to the workplace injuries or illnesses log
  • Access to copies of test results to look for hazards in the workplace
As an employee you should take full advantage of these rights. Protect yourself from workplace injuries and illnesses by being active in safety procedures. It is your right to work in a safe place and you will not be punished for speaking up against unsafe practices.


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