Boosting Morale & Adding Value Through Safety

Has the mood around your workplace become more sullen? Are employees dragging their feet into work? Your employees may need a morale boost.

Low morale can lead to poorly done work, low productivity, bad cooperation with other employees and increased turnover. It is also a major factor in workplace injuries when employees become lackadaisical about health programs.

A safe workplace is a valuable workplace. When employees are safe the more money your company will save. Here are 4 tips on how to boost morale for your workers.

  • Celebrate accomplishments -- Let your employees know that they are doing a good job and reward them with lunch or gift cards.
  • Grant time off -- Sometimes there are deadlines to beat, but studies have shown that employees are more willing to work harder if they are allowed to have breaks that they request.
  • Train employees -- Employees who don't know how to do their job properly will feel neglected and unwanted. Provide adequate training on a regular basis.
  • Have fun -- Let those creative juices flow and come up with ideas that will make your workplace a fun place to be. Have company parties, join local recreational sports teams, or provide gifts for quotas that are met.
You can avoid major OSHA fines to your business just by doing a few of these things. A happy employee will be a safe employee and everyone will be much more pleasant to work around. Sometimes a small change can have a big impact on the future of your company.


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