Crane Safety FAQs

Q: What inspections should I have done before using cranes on my worksite?

A: The following are a list of inspections and when they should be done while using cranes on your worksite:

  • Shift inspections for all equipment
  • Monthly inspections for all equipment
  • Annual inspections for all equipment
  • Post assembly inspection
  • Inspection after any modifications

Q: Do I need a certified employee to do inspections?

A: No. Crane inspectors need not be certified. They should however posses competency and expertise in the machinery they are inspecting.

Q: How do I keep my employees safe around cranes?

A: There are many ways to have a safe worksite that use cranes. Below are some general guidelines to promote safety:

  • Use experience and knowledge to best asses situations involving cranes
  • Do not operate cranes or lifts that are damaged
  • Do not remove any warning labels from the crane or hoist
  • Do not walk under a suspended load
  • Download the Crane, Hoist, and Monorail Alliance card and post it in visible areas around your worksite.

For more information please watch video provided below and share with your employees and supervisors.

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