Cooperating with OSHA through the Alliance Program

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration works with members of the all communities to promote workplaces free of safety hazards and to enhance the voices of workers.

Those who participate in the Alliance Program are dedicated to working towards a similar goal of promoting workplace safety and implementing project plans. Here is a brief review of what the Alliance Program works towards:

  • Raising awareness through sharing information, training workers, developing new information and participating in various forums or groups.
  • Improving communication through creating multi-lingual materials, conducting seminars, and giving training at conferences.
  • Training and educating through well developed worker programs and arranging the dispersal of said programs.
By joining OSHA's Alliance Program you receive benefits through increased health & safety in the workplace. For more information on how to get involved call 202-693-2340 or contact your local OSHA regional office.
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