Construction's "Fatal Four"

In 2014 there were 4,386 reported worker fatalities. Out of those 4,386 around 900 of those were from construction workers. Construction is an inherently dangerous job, but the risks and hazards can be reduced by having a proper Health & Safety Program

There is a group of fatalities which OSHA has called the "Fatal Four" which contain leading causes of death in private sector construction work sites. By training your employees on these "Fatal Four" and how to prevent them they yearly hundreds of employee deaths could be avoided.


  1. FALLS - 359 out of 899 construction deaths occur because of falls
  2. ELECTROCUTIONS - 74 out of 899
  3. STUCK BY OBJECT - 73 out of 899
  4. CAUGHT-IN/BETWEEN - 39 out of 899
All worker deaths from 2003-2014 can be found on HERE. Do your part preventing workplace fatalities by training and encouraging good safety habits and rules.

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