What Safety Manual Do I Need?

Every year, thousands of employees die in the workplace and there are many more who suffer injuries or illness. It isn't very often that you hear of these incidents and because of this many managers and company owners don't recognize that they need a Health & Safety manual.

By the time an injury, sickness, or death happens it is too late to be able to protect yourself without the necessary tools.

Every business, small or large, is required BY LAW to have a safety manual. The only way to be adequately prepared is to make sure you have the right manuals.

So which one do you need? We recommend our Health & Safety manual for new or small business owners who are looking for all the forms and documents to be up to OSHA standards. 

If you are looking to supplement your already existing manual with more information like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or Fire Prevention, we have a continually growing collection that can be found in our catalog

Accidents can be prevented especially when safety manuals are available. They protect not only your employees, but yourself also.

7/13/16 Update: Our Health & Safety Manual has been revised and updated. It is ideal for companies with employees that have 5-250 employees. If you have any questions regarding this update please contact us HERE.

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