After Long Wait, OSHA Releases Online Injury Reporting Form

Just last month, after a long wait, the OSHA started a new web page that allows employers to make online reports of employee injuries and illnesses. The online resource was prompted by recent changes to OSHA’s injury reporting rules that require employers to notify the agency of employee hospitalizations and amputations within 24 hours of occurrence. Before the release of this online reporting, it was only required to report incidents involving 3 or more hospitalizations.

This reporting system may also be used to notify the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration of employee fatalities within the eight-hour reporting period. This website should only be used in areas that do not keep up to date their own OSHA enforcement programs. For areas with their own programs (such as North and South Carolina), reports should be made through online portals already put in place by those labor agencies. Reports of injury can still be made by telephone.

The new reporting system can be found at:

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