3 Things Every Small Business Needs

When starting a small business, oft times small details will be forgotten. 

"Let me write this down?" -Said the man with no pen or paper.

"Where is my calculator?!" -Said the man with garbage strewn across his desk.

Here is a list of the top 3 most forgotten office supplies:

1. Pens and Paper. Yes, most office spaces will have a computer where you can type notes but the classic pen and paper still exist because of its versatility. You can't always haul your computer around with you. Sometimes it is easier to sketch out an idea on a piece of paper. 

2. Trash Can. You will have a lot of waste regardless of what business you are in. Don't let clutter get in your way.

3. Printer. Man's final test might be figuring out how printers work. Finding a good printer that won't quit on you when you need it most is a daunting task. We recommend taking a look at Digital Trend's Printer Buying Guide to get a good start on finding which printer you need for your business. 


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