Data Disclosure Required in New OSHA Regulation

A new OSHA regulation will force firms, worksite by worksite, into detailed, publicly posted job safety and health data disclosure – which in turn will show how safe or unsafe each worksite is.

The new regulation, which will enter into effect August 10th, states that “construction industry employers with between 20 and 249 employees must send data from OSHA Form 300A to the agency electronically.” Also, “ all industries with 250 or more employees must also include information from Forms 300 and 301,” according to an article posted by Construction Dive. There is serous pushback from the construction industry claiming that disclosure of this data and information will expose private company and worksite details. Agency officials noted that the new regulation is aimed at prompting construction companies to provide safer work environments for their employees.

The most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor show that worksite fatalities have been on the rise since 2011, most notably ending the 933 fatalities in 2014. OSHA hopes to drastically reduce this number and believe that the soon to be enforced data disclosure rule will help in their goal.

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